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Travel through time.

Hello friends !

       Today I come with a very complicated issue , it is a new hypothesis about time travel , and new issues that could leave a lot to talk and think of course.
Long time I wanted to expose my thoughts so that others can see them from my point of view , and of course review and discuss if they wish.
From childhood I facinaba travel in time, and I asked my mother how is it possible ? How does it work ? Can we travel we also ? well, it was a child with many concerns was always asking the why and for that , and questioning everything I could , I was an outstanding student at school , but apparently I was not interested in those things that tried to teach , not put a lot of my learning the truth , but if the things I liked , as large had a teacher in high school , history was also of philosophy and including more materials, you spoke a lot and was a man very good, kind, and sympathetic, he could always told us lots of things , so we did not want to finish his class.
Whenever we could during the break , we saw and we approached the to talk to us more about interesting things , everything he knew , and we started to discuss things like the origin of the world, religion , thinking man things these .
As I say, always interested me as these topics , and each reported more than I could , inter alia seeking to understand the world in general. But I was always intrigued about time travel and how they work , so that I would read and visualized when I start to think I visualize what I see in my head, in three dimensions, this is normal , but for me usually be very real as if it could feel to be there to witness all the issues , the facts themselves .

    Well, without further ado that I present my hypothesis as above on travel through time , they also discuss other existing theories and question a little.

First to understand me explain a little each term and what it means :

when talking about the space in a physical way , we could say that is where objects are located and in which events occur , they also have a position and relative address , ie , according to where we look or our position, corresponding to action.

Time :
You could say that time is how we measure the length or separation of events, subject to change , or systems under observation , the period between the state of the system, when it presented an initial state and the time at which perceptible to an observer variation is recorded.

Space weather :
In a natural way you could say that space is as a layer or a line or we could also compare with a leaf! for example, take a sheet draw paper something, then you take another draw sheet the same but with a slight variation so you get to see the change when you get a series of drawings on multiple sheets can see the movement of the object as cartoon animation .

The Pytaho :
I call pytaho to progress between coats , say, when you go from one sheet to another , in this case changing timelines in space action of a static object position to a different position or moving. We could also compare the clock hand that marks the second time.


Now what is coming and more important issue in the whole theory when a time travel occurs, as is often said that if you could go to near the speed of light which comes to about 299,792,458 m / s approximately 300,000 kilometers per second . it is extremely fast , and as impossible to alcansar , but not all is proven to be insufficient technology to create some machine that can at least get close to those speeds maybe somewhere near future who can say no.
 Following the above, reach those speeds alcansar could travel in time, break the space / time and travel through , but that is unlikely high on the theory of mind " Albert Einstein" , reaching speeds close to light is not possible first the mass of the ship on which we traveled would extend and infinite serious mass and energy , ie , the ship is stretched like a rubber band and its mass and weight increases, and more would be difficult to alcansar so fast .
I quote Albert Einstein 's theory .

The theory of relativity.
It consists of the theory of special relativity and general relativity , formulated by Albert Einstein in the early twentieth century, which sought to resolve the incompatibility between Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism.

The theory of special relativity is the physical movement of bodies in the absence of gravitational forces , in which Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism with a reformulation of the laws of motion were made compatible.

1905 Albert Einstein published the special theory of relativity , which holds that the only constant in the universe is the speed of light in vacuum and everything else (speed, length, mass and time ) varies with the frame of reference observer .
 The theory solved many of the problems that had troubled scientists before. The resulting equation famous theory E = mc2 .

Postulate 1 .
The laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames .

Postulate 2 .
The speed of light is independent of the movement of the source . That is, all the same value measured observer c for the velocity of light .

The general theory of relativity or general relativity is a theory of the gravitational field and general reference systems , published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and 1916.
The name of the theory is that generalizes the so-called special theory of relativity. The fundamental principles introduced in this generalization are the principle of equivalence , which describes the acceleration and gravity as different aspects of the same reality , the notion of the curvature of spacetime and the principle of general covariance.

The basic insight of Einstein was to postulate that at a certain point you can not distinguish experimentally between a uniformly accelerated body and a uniform gravitational field . The general theory of relativity also allowed reformulate the field of cosmology .

Well !
          After a brief and summarized explanation of the theories of Albert Einstein, and so they know all more or less what I am going to talk , according to this brilliant scientist as prestigious as famous, contradict each other, supports certain theories modifying and making them more comprencibles , and in other cases in solving the many problems that others could not find solution.
That said , for my part I see there are some empty even in cases of time travel that at first glance sounds like fiction, but if you get to read all the theories that exist in this particular field of physics, can be observed nowadays is rather strange , being that it is not useful daily , to say , do not these things useless if not checked or difficult to understand or do not use it . I can not move from Spain to Mexico to the speed of light , not knowing how long would that moment is totally useless as it were . (ES- IND = 9079 km , I'm not sure but travel time estimated at the speed of light is 0 seconds flat )
I state the following:

When a body arrives at the next travel at light speed , the following action :
The space is bent and broken hollow space and space occurs slipstream .

Space Rebufo :
When a body is in motion and gets to break the space-time cupping the space directly following the body in motion, also precedes the bullwhip effect , this is when the moving body attains considerable speed and not gradually , but instantly stopped and returns next act where he had traveled and what it does is cut the slipstream space and time collide together to form as applause.

If it does cause a trip through time what would happen is this:
- If a ship could reach travel at approximate speed the light effect slow motion to the inside of the ship to the outside , ie , travelers would see the obserbador on standby would occur , depending on the speed, more speed more slowly , within the time would stop, ie the clock , that this would still be , if the space -time effect , put this to clarify the space time again I defined above.

Space weather :
In a natural way you could say that space is as a layer or a line or we could also compare with a leaf ! for example, take a sheet draw paper something, then you take another draw sheet the same but with a slight variation so you get to see the change when you get a series of drawings on multiple sheets can see the movement of the object as cartoon animation .

This means that the space-time would not we indeed could happen 100 years old and would still like young , clear that it would have to travel at a constant speed , ie , all the time at a speed close to that of light, the effect it seems that we traveled for a short time , ie , we traveled 100 years but found they were only 10 and this is given by the following circumstances :

- No perceive time , time seems to stand still .
- We see the sun ( day or night).
- Do not feel the seasons (spring, summer , autumn, winter).

But why is this? Why does effect us ?

Let's see, I 'll try to explain as best I can so they can understand , this can happen because of the speed, space is like water but lighter , more open , no particles join together to be of one more visible, are more separated , imagine that space is like water , what happens when a boat reaches high speeds on the water surface ? this breaks it, and exactly what happens to the space but does not get to see .
Does not have time to make the effect due to the high speeds of the ship, is created as a force field that does not allow him to enter the space-time , this means that when we get to stop or traveling at a slower speed in time would make the same effect as always, envejesernos ! An example :
If traveling with a 20 year old such as speed, time would stop, I mean the space-time , but the clock continue running , you can live to 100 years in the ship and would follow the same.
Very recently , scientists at CERN and thanks to super- particle accelerator could verify this theory , but they interpreted it differently, not as they should be cast , as if saying :
They came to a conclusion before the experiment would result , or they already knew what was going to happen but only gave a focus to where they wanted or just did not realize . Checked through a particle its lifetime is very short, put him inside the hadron accelerator and step the particle extension cord life five or six times more than it should , ie the particle traveling through time.
But what I did not realize this hypothesis , what could have happened : The particle traveling at such speed and broke the space time, the clock of life of the particle is stopped, and continued circling accelerator tubes particles to have slowdown , launching again watch life of this particle .

To explain the spatial slipstream give a small example of what happens to space when space weather is broken ,
- In a pool full of water you put a hand, then you push forward or back no matter the direction where we direct , with considerable speed and see that the water splits , it breaks , and what happens next ? , the water returns to your site when you stop and collide with each other, and that's the space slipstream .

The curvature of space is when the thrust of a moving object breaks I will have the curve in other words, either the rate of 10kl / h 0 to light , we did not perceive it, I give you an example :
When we shake hands to blow us , that what happens ? slipstream space hits you, call you wind it is actually the curvature of space and the space slipstream by accelerated mass movement .

Referring to the theory of Albert Einstein :
- " The mass of the ship on which we traveled would extend serious and infinite mass."

This is highly unlikely and impossible , why? , An object can not move from one state to another only by the speed condition , if other processes , for me this is just an optical illusion , we have the ability to see large speed , for example :
The bulbs we have in our homes is a clear example of how light moves , actually when we turn on the light in a room we do not perceive the effect that makes the bulb does not give a continuous light , ie , what happens in reality is that the electricity passing through the filament of the bulb flashing so quickly that we do not perceive and gives us the feeling that it is a continuous light.
So Einstein's theory in relation to TIME TRAVEL , is only a trick of our eyes, we could see only the dough is stretched like a rubber band for the effect of speed.

After all the above is only one thing , and see if you can actually travel through space time, or is it just fiction created by man forward in a more interesting life , or just a desperate attempt to explain things that are not easy to understand and that they those things happen , I hope that soon we can better understand and go beyond or who knows more here ! .

A greeting.

That's it for today my name is Jack and this was Jara travel through time.


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